Traffic block in Sealdah division for 20 consecutive days, many locales cancelled

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Traffic block in Sealdah division: Commuters travelling through the Sealdah division of Eastern Railway be advised! A significant traffic block is scheduled for platform renovation work at Dum Dum Junction station. This will result in train cancellations and shortened routes for several services over a period of 20 days.

The Block and Its Duration (Traffic block in Sealdah division)

The traffic block will affect train movement for a total of 480 hours, spread across 20 days, commencing on April 18th and continuing till May 7th. This planned closure is necessary for crucial work on platform number 5 at Dum Dum Junction.

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Train Cancellations

Several trains operating on various branches of the Sealdah division will be completely cancelled during this period. These include:

  • Magherhat – Barasat locals: 30351 & 30313
  • Barasat – Hasnabad local: 33311
  • Hasnabad – Defendant Bagh local: 30322
  • Magherhat – Madhyamgram local: 30145
  • Magherhat – Others (round trips): 30358 (Madhyamgram), 30361 (Hasnabad), 33282 (Hasnabad)
  • Dum Dum Junction – Others (round trips): 33231 (Barrackpore), 33232 (Barrackpore), 33271 (Gobardanga), 33686 (Gobardanga – Sealda)
  • Magherhat – Others (round trips): 30333 (Habra), 30332 (Habra), 30353 (Dattapukur), 30314 (Dattapukur)
  • Sealdah – Barasat local: 33453
  • Sealdah – Barrackpore local: 31223
  • Barrackpore – Others (round trips): 30116 (Bibadi Bagh), 30113 (Defendant Bagh), 31242 (Sealda)
  • Barasat – Magherhat local: 30312

Shortened Train Routes

Several other trains will have their routes shortened during the traffic block. Passengers are advised to carefully check their specific train for any changes:

  • Bangaon Junction – Magherhat local (30346) will terminate at Dum Dum Cantt.
  • Bangaon Junction – Magherhat local (30344) and Hasnabad – Magherhat local (30324) will terminate at Barasat.
  • Gede – Magherhat local (30142) will terminate at Ranaghat.
  • Laxmikantpur – Magherhat local (30711) will terminate at Ballyganj.
  • Magherhat – Habra local (30331) will start from Barasat instead of Magherhat.
  • Magherhat – Barasat local (30311) will start from Dumdum Cantonment instead of Magherhat.
  • Magherhat – Dattapukur local (30317) will start from Ballyganj and take a diverted route via Up Chord line.

Recommendations for Passengers (Traffic block in Sealdah division)

Eastern Railway advises passengers to plan their journeys accordingly during this period. Double-check train schedules and routes for any changes before travelling. Consider alternative routes or modes of transportation if necessary.

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