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Sanchar Saathi Portal App: Empowering mobile users in India, the Sanchar Saathi portal, launched by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), is a citizen-centric initiative aimed at enhancing security, promoting awareness, and providing better management tools for mobile connections. Let’s delve into the details of this beneficial program.

What is the Sanchar Saathi Portal App?

Sanchar Saathi translates to “communication companion” in Hindi, aptly reflecting its role. This online platform offers a variety of functionalities to empower mobile subscribers:

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  • Manage Connections: Gain insights into all mobile connections registered under your name. You can identify and disconnect unwanted subscriptions, ensuring you only pay for services you use.
  • Secure Your Phone: The Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) module within Sanchar Saathi is a valuable tool for lost or stolen phones. You can report such incidents and initiate blocking procedures, rendering the device unusable on any telecom network in India. This not only protects your data but also increases the chances of recovery.
  • Verify Device Authenticity: When purchasing a new or used phone, Sanchar Saathi allows you to verify its authenticity using the IMEI number. This helps you avoid unknowingly buying a stolen or blocked device.
  • Report Fraudulent Communication: Suspect spam calls or misleading messages? Sanchar Saathi provides a platform to report such issues, aiding authorities in curbing fraudulent activities.
  • Stay Informed: The portal offers a “Keep Yourself Aware” section with valuable resources and updates on topics related to telecom security and user awareness.

Who Launched Sanchar Saathi?

The Sanchar Saathi portal is a government initiative spearheaded by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), falling under the Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

Benefits of Using Sanchar Saathi

Sanchar Saathi offers a multitude of benefits for mobile users:

  • Enhanced Security: Lost or stolen phones can be blocked, safeguarding your data and privacy. Verifying device authenticity during purchases adds another layer of security.
  • Financial Control: Manage your mobile connections effectively, eliminating unnecessary subscriptions and saving money.
  • Improved Awareness: Stay informed about the latest developments in telecom security and user rights through the informative resources offered.
  • Empowerment: Sanchar Saathi puts you in control of your mobile experience, allowing you to manage connections, report issues, and make informed decisions.

Sanchar Saathi Portal: All Service List

Sanchar Saathi empowers mobile users in India with a variety of services to manage connections, enhance security, and combat fraud. Here’s a breakdown of the key services offered by the portal:

  • Connection Management:
    • Know Your Mobile Connections (KYMC): This service allows you to verify all mobile connections registered under your name. You can identify unwanted subscriptions and initiate disconnection requests through the Telecom Alliance for Consumer Disputes Redressal (TACOP) module.
  • Lost/Stolen Phone Management:
    • Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR): Report lost or stolen phones and initiate blocking procedures to prevent misuse on any Indian telecom network.
  • Device Verification:
    • Know Your Mobile (KYM): Verify the authenticity of a new or used phone using its IMEI number. This helps you avoid unknowingly purchasing a stolen or blocked device.
  • Combating Fraudulent Communication:
    • Report Suspected Fraud Communication (CHAKSHU): Report spam calls, misleading messages, or other suspected fraudulent activities to the authorities.

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Additional Resources:

  • Keep Yourself Aware: This section provides valuable resources and updates on topics related to telecom security and user awareness. Stay informed about the latest threats and best practices to protect yourself.

Is There a Sanchar Saathi App?

While there isn’t an official Sanchar Saathi mobile application, the portal is accessible through any web browser on your smartphone or computer. This ensures easy access and avoids potential security concerns associated with downloading third-party apps.

How to Apply for Sanchar Saathi?

Sanchar Saathi doesn’t require a formal application process. Simply visit the official portal at and leverage the services offered. You’ll need to register and verify your identity to utilize certain features like blocking lost phones.

Sanchar Saathi: A Valuable Tool for Mobile Users

By taking advantage of Sanchar Saathi, you can experience a more secure, informed, and empowered mobile experience. The portal’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it a valuable resource for anyone using mobile phones in India. So, visit the Sanchar Saathi portal today and take charge of your mobile security and management!

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