Ask Disha 2.0 : Your Password-Free Train Ticket Booking Assistant to book your berth

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Ask Disha 2.0: The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in train ticket booking: Ask Disha 2.0. This AI-powered chatbot leverages conversational AI and OTP verification to offer a user-centric and efficient booking experience.

Introducing Ask Disha 2.0: Your Intelligent Booking Assistant

Ask Disha 2.0 transcends the limitations of traditional online booking interfaces. It functions as a virtual assistant, capable of assisting users with various railway-related tasks:

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  • Effortless Booking: Engage in a natural conversation with Ask Disha, specifying your desired travel route, date, and preferences. The chatbot will guide you through the selection process, simplifying the booking journey.
  • Seamless PNR Status Inquiry: Eliminate the need to navigate various menus. Simply ask Disha for your PNR status, and she will promptly retrieve and present the necessary information.
  • Convenient Cancellation: Unexpected changes in plans? Ask Disha to facilitate convenient ticket cancellation and initiate the refund process, ensuring a smooth resolution.
  • Real-time Refund Tracking: Gain transparency into the status of your refund by sharing your PNR details with Ask Disha.

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Benefits of Utilizing Ask Disha 2.0:

Ask Disha 2.0 empowers users with several advantages, making it a preferred choice for train ticket booking:

  • Password-Free Authentication: No longer struggle with remembering complex passwords. Ask Disha utilizes a secure OTP verification system for user authentication, eliminating this security hurdle.
  • Conversational Booking: Experience a natural and interactive booking process through a user-friendly chat interface.
  • Multilingual Support: Ask Disha caters to a wider user base by offering multilingual support in both English and Hindi.
  • Multi-Channel Accessibility: Access Ask Disha through various channels, including the IRCTC website, mobile app, or even through voice commands, providing greater flexibility for users.

Utilizing Ask Disha 2.0:

  1. Access IRCTC: Visit the official IRCTC website ( or download the IRCTC Rail Connect app.
  2. Locate Ask Disha: Look for the Ask Disha icon or chat window on the IRCTC platform.
  3. Initiate a Conversation: Type your request or question in the designated chat window.
  4. Follow the Prompts: Ask Disha will guide you through the process, requesting essential information and confirming your choices.
  5. Verify with OTP: Upon finalizing your details, you will receive an OTP for verification purposes.
  6. Complete the Process: Once the OTP verification is successful, Ask Disha will confirm your booking or provide the requested information.

Additional Notes:

  • While Ask Disha simplifies the booking process, a registered IRCTC account is still required to utilize its services.
  • The availability of Ask Disha might not be readily accessible on all pages of the IRCTC platform. Look for the dedicated “Ask Disha” section or chat window.


Ask Disha 2.0 represents a paradigm shift in train ticket booking, offering a user-friendly, password-free, and conversational experience. So, the next time you embark on a railway journey in India, consider leveraging Ask Disha 2.0 to streamline your booking process and experience a more efficient and interactive journey.

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